Comfy bright

19 October 2011

Top/Skirt : Thrifted Boots : Old Navy (on sale for $20)

So Saturday I was having one of those days where nothing fit right everything was either too big or too small. So instead of grabbing yoga pants and my fave tee. I grabbed this skirt which is so comfy and this top that was so comfortable. Instead of grabbing my flippies I grabbed my new booties. At first they were a little uncomfortable but after an hour I broke them in. Yay! I know many will say that this top should have been tucked in and any other day I would agree with you however for the day I was having untucked it stayed. Now you've heard me say it time and time again fashion is about taking risks and this one falls under that. What seemed like a great idea on Saturday today I feel like I look like Ronald McDonald in this. But you win some you loose some. I know I am not the only one that has these moments, can I get an AMEN ?

Back to the drawing board.


  1. I dont think u look like Ronal McDonald!! its cute!! great colors!

  2. I think that you look perfect with a mixing colors!


  3. wow!! a very great combo!! suits you! it definetely attracts!

  4. i love the color blocking affect this has! so cute

    love from San Francisco,

  5. WOW! The colours of the the dress are perfect!
    And they go perfectly with those boots.
    Love it!

    Come visit me! I'll be happy to see you among my followers!

  6. AMEN! rock that color blocking girl, and love those booties!!
    And ok, I have a fairly similar complexion and always think that red lipstick looks weird on me, but I just must not be used to it because You look so good! I'm gonna try it now :) and actually walk out the door with it haha.
    Newest follower :)

  7. OMG THANK YOU SOOOOOO much for all the love.

    Monica- I think you should try on the red lips, it's very strange at first you feel as if everyone is staring but i'm sure they are not. I am wearing Revlon-Fire and Ice 720.

    Thanks again ladies.

  8. Perfect mix of colors! Love.


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