Denim x 2

10 October 2011

This weekend I watched Martin Scorsese's documentary George Harrison : Living In A Material World  , if you haven't watched you must. It gave a whole other side of Geoge Harrison and watching all the wonderful interviews, pictures and clips of George inspired today's outfit. He had wonderful style whether it was purposely or not. That's what I enjoyed most about that era of fashion , it was very effortless.
So Sunday I woke up and started my day with Abbey Road. The Beatles hold such a huge place in my heart for many reasons, mainly because the sound of these four wonderful fellas reminds me of my first true love my father Jose. 

Top: Goodwill
Jeans : J.Crew (Matchstick)
Shoes : Urban Outfitters
Handbag : Banana Republic
Scarf : Gift
Glasses : Ray Ban


  1. you are too too cute! Love your style!

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