Take one.

09 October 2011

Dress: Zara
Shoes : Dolce Vita
Clutch: Banana Republic
Watch: Michael Kors
Glasses : Warby Parker (Miles)

All photos taken by : Mia Alvarado

About a month ago I went home for a weekend vaca and I asked my kind friend Mia to take some outfit pics for me. I figured if a friend took my pics I wouldn't be shy or embarrassed , yeah that wasn't the case. My wonderful sister in law came for moral support and thank god she did cause she turned into quite a director with my J.Crew cataloges in tow she was flipping through them looking for poses I could do. It's one thing when it's just me , my camera ,tri-pod and nature  totally different story when your in a public place and someone else is behind the camera saying "ok go!" Outgoing , silly Myrna turned into FROZEN Myrna. I give all my bloggers much credit for all your outift posts, because what I thought would be a piece of cake , apparently was not.  I'm hoping next time I will let loose. These pictures made me so anxious for Christmas , because I will definitely be asking Santa (hubby) for a fancy camera.
I will share many more pics of this day next week.
Thanks again Mia and special thanks to Kelle for waking up early and helping me get ready and most of all for being so supportive and making me feel some what comfortable. Love you sissy.


  1. You're so cute! Love that colorful dress on you! And yeah, posing is so hard haha, I always feel like such a dork :)

  2. Thank u, I know! Posing is so hard ! I think my back drop will forever be my backyard, ha!!


  3. love the dress!

    xo Ashleigh


  4. Wow, that dress is stunning on you! LOve love love all those amazing colors! Totally worth asking your friend to take pictures of :)

  5. that first picture of you is TOO cute. love!!


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