Getting me through the week

16 August 2011

Happy Monday ! Starting my week is always the toughest for me, starting with Monday. After a fun weekend getting back to the grind is always dreadful. If you've made a pit stop at my blog your probably wondering "where are the outfit posts?" No worries i'm in the process of addressing this tiny issue, so please bare with me. I will be purchasing a tri-pod this weekend and get this blog movin. I have so many fun creative ideas for this little baby. I hope you guys stick around and watch this grow. I hope to share with you my two loves of my life: Fashion and Music! (besides the hubby, my niece and my kitties) Please strap yourself in and enjoy this ride with me.

Getting me through this week is this fun band that goes by the name Black Kids from Jacksonville, FL who have been around since 2008. I stumbled across them while listening to the wonderful Pandora. I purchased their album Partie Traumatic and it kept me going all day. Stop by their website and tell me what you think?

♫ Myrna.

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