The waiting game...

10 August 2011

The first time I saw these J.Crew sandals the wonderful Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere was wearing them along with a fierce outfit, but what's new .  I fell in love , so with excitement looked them up and was anxiously wondering how much these were gonna run me, with saddness I saw the jaw dropping price of $118. I don't know about you but I could never see myself spending this much on something that I know will EVENTUALLY go on sale, so I wiped my tears with my $118 and began to stalk these sandals for the next three months. So this past Sunday while surfing the web my 3 month dream finally became a reality, sandals FINALLY were on sale. From $118 to $69 !!!!! I jumped off my couch to grab my wallet and clicked check out :) So  I am the proud owner of Iris Patent Sandals. Now all I need is for my UPS driver to deliver, so I continue to wait.

J.Crew Iris Patent Sandal


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