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02 July 2016

Levi's are the "it jean" this year. Levi's have been around for some time however this year I'm sure their stock has gone up. In the late 80's Levi's 501 were the jeans to have and then it seemed Metallica and all the metal bands took them over and Levi's somewhat faded out. This year I have seen them everywhere from Gigi to Kendall ya I'm on a first name basis with them. The great thing about Levi's is they are pretty inexpensive. I've gotten really lucky finding a couple of pairs at my local Goodwill in the men's department for under $10. I'm not a fan of the 501 style simply because they don't work well with curves. The couple of pairs I have are the 569's which I made into culottes and the 559's that I cut and turned into shorts. Both styles are high waisted so they sit above my belly button which give me a nice hour glass figure. So for this week's style inspiration lets look and see how women with no curves wear their Levi's. 

What are your thoughts about the Levi's trend?

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