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24 June 2016

A couple of weeks ago I was in NYC and finally got my hands on some Adidas Stan Smith's in blue. I've been stalking them online for sometime unfortunately my size is always sold out and when we were browsing Soho we walked into their enormous Adidas store just to see if they had my size and without hesitation the store clerk was like "sure let me go get them!" I held my breath until she came back with my size.  I was giddy the entire trip and couldn't wait to put them on , if my feet weren't a mess from all the walking I would've put them on at the store. Since hitting my late 30's I decided comfort was my number one priority - my dogs (feet) deserve a break. So I am embracing the sneaker trend and pairing my Stan's with pretty much everything. Here's some stylish ways to sport your Stan's.

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