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04 April 2016

Wearing / I've been all about the culottes this week. I found some Levi's 559 at the Goodwill and I made them into culottes and they have been on repeat for the past couple of weeks.

Feeling / Grateful for my husband and our wonderful relationship.

Eating / I gave up coffee about 2 years ago and Diet Coke for lent and I had my first cup of each last week and it was fantastic.

Wanting / More Diet Coke!

Loving / My rose bushes just started to bud last week and I am loving having them around the house.

Listening / I have had Andrew Bird & Fiona Apples' "Left Handed Kisses" on repeat. (listen here)

Watching / We just finished watching Will Arnett's new show on Netflix called Flaked and it was so good. Makes me want to move to Venice Beach and ride my bike all day.

Obsessing / I got my hands on this Urban Outfitters dress (in black) and I LOVE it.

Anxious / This week we will be heading to Texas to celebrate my niece's birthday and I can't wait to squeeze her and feel her little hands wrapped around my neck.

Random thought / Why in the heck did HBO cancel Togetherness? That show was so good- huge bummer. I don't know if I like crappy shows or wha because every HBO show I like gets canceled.

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