03 / Girls SoCal weekend

04 March 2016

A month ago my friends from Baltimore were in town and I was one happy girl. We spent the days on the beach working on our tan , eating tacos, and laughing so hard that we couldn't breathe. It was such a fun weekend I was sad to see it end so quickly, but I'm glad I got to spend time with my girls. 

We became friends a year ago and it's a pretty funny story. We worked out at the same boxing gym and were pretty much regulars Monday - Friday so basically we saw each other every day for 6 months sometimes even paired up together and never said a word to each other. Until last year around this time I was paired up with Raquel and after the class we were both stretching side by side when Raquel said "Hey a bunch of us girls are grabbing drinks after class on Thursday if you'd like to join?" This big loser with no friends in Baltimore said "yea that sounds like fun." I was so excited I ran home and told my husband all about it and anxiously waited for Thursday. Thursday came around and we found ourselves on opposite sides of the gym waiting for one another to make a move. Finally with the push of my husband I walked over and said "so are we still going out for a drink?" The ladies said yes and off we were 3 shy girls in the mist of 4 gym girls walking over to have a salad + beer. I wish I wouldn't have been so nervous because I think I could've talked a lot more but instead my nervousness got the best of me and I spilled my beer on Jessie's brand new iPhone6. Luckily the phone survived and a friendship was born. After that night us 3 girls just clicked and we began to spend more and more time together making the last year in Baltimore super fun. It's hard making friends at any age especially in your late 30's but I'm glad I opened myself up and met the most amazing girls. 

Surf stalking at Pacific Beach

Timer photo gone bad ! Over 50 takes and we still couldn't get it together but it was worth the laughs.

We were so California !

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