01 / What's in my gym bag ?

03 January 2016

New year and the same resolution exists - working out. I finally have found a work out that I enjoy and I don't dread to go to and that's boxing. Luckily I found a boxing gym close to my house so that's where you can find me beating up some poor innocent bag.  Here's a peak into my gym bag what you will always find gloves, wraps, hair ties (more than one obviously), water, one thing I did forget to include is face wipes and deodorant. 

When Dove reached out to me to see if I would try some of their products I immediately said yes. I've been using their Degree dry spray for some time and I love it it's my go-to for the gym. It's lightweight, smells good and easy enough to stick in my bag. After a hard work-out it feels good to leave the gym smelling fresh & clean.   

 1. Dove dry spray /  This was my first time using this dry spray and I have to say I love it. It's very light weight on and not sticky like normal roll on deodorant. I applied this in the morning and I felt that it lasted throughout the day and this particular scent smells so clean just like baby powder.

 2. Degree dry spray /  I've been using this one for a while now and love it. I apply two spray's before the gym and it lasted throughout my work out sessions. I am a bit of a sweater so I also apply their roll on before for extra protection.

3. Dove dry spray (men's) /  My husband tried this one and liked the smell , light weight feel and easy application. He applied one spray in the morning and was good to go for the rest of the day. He's been using it every day since it arrived. 

4. Degree motionsense dry spray (men's) /  He tried this one as well and was very impressed with how long it lasted however he thought the smell was too rugged for him. This one will definitely be a gym or outdoor use for him. 

*Dove products in this post c/o.  Please note, this is not a sponsored post and all thoughts & opinions are my own.

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