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31 January 2016

Wearing : Since becoming a Californian I've been wearing this Madewell X Sezane sweater. The fit is perfect and it's exactly what you need when in 65 degrees everyday.

Feeling : I have had zero motivation to look for employment and apply for school. Lets just say I've been so focused on making our home a home that I really haven't bothered with career/ money making or life.

Eating : We got a Nutra Bullet for Christmas and we've been getting our juice - on for the past month and it 's made breakfast so much easier. My favorite juice is a mix of acai , chai seeds, apples, cucumbers, kale, spinach, bananas and coconut water - so delish.

Wanting : I've been wanting these Charlotte Olympia kitty flats for some time and I'm debating if I should spend my side money I've been holding on to on them or continue to save up for my Celine trio bag. [side money : Xmas, birthday and cash I've been saving for over a year to buy that something special]

Loving : I recently went to Barnes and Noble and browsed their magazine section and came across The Collective Quarterly  a design and travel magazine. The issue I picked up (3rd issue) the cover is a beautiful pink color and it has so many surfer photos and you know how much I love surfers. It's definitely a good read.

Listening : Since the passing of David Bowie I've had Space Odditylisten here ) on repeat.  There will never be someone as creative as him and it's so sad that he's passed but glad that he shared his art with the rest of the world. What was your favorite Bowie jam?

Watching : We went to see 13 Hours over the weekend and loved it. My husband was deployed during all that Benghazi nonsense and it gave me an insight to what was going on during his deployment. Also John Krasinski goes shirtless in the film and ladies it's worth the watch.

Obsessing : I am in the process of decorating our home and I've been spending too much time on West Elm blog. Does anyone else obsess over this store ? I have one a few miles from my house and I've been popping in there at least once a week - dangerous.

Anxious : My Baltimore squad will be arriving in the next few days and I cannot wait to see them and soak up as much girl time with them two.

Random thought : When is Netflix going to have Felicity and Beverly Hills 90210 so I can relive my teenage years and 20's.


  1. good luck making your house a home! show us some sneak peeks. :)

  2. Thank you , and of course I will. :)



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