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21 January 2016

I've decided to share pieces of my home here on the blog in a series called Home Sweet Home. I would've liked to have shared photos of our last place in Baltimore but the lighting was horrible in that place. Our SoCal place is a different story , we live on the third floor with floor to ceiling windows and this place might as well be on the sun because the light in here is perfection (I'm sure in the summer I won't be to happy about these windows). It took us a few weeks to find this place but luckily after battling it out with a few other prospects we won. There are three things that are hard to find in San Diego two parking spaces, second bathroom and more than 900 sqft. Our place comes with a second parking spot and bathroom however the walls are a light green, my counter tops are black and this place is TINY. We've had to donate a lot of our stuff but this place has definitely helped us get to our goal of a clutter free home. I've spent the past couple of weeks hanging photos, planting a garden and making it home. 

Our entry way was the first thing I completed because our OCD selves needed somewhere to put our keys. I picked up this table at IKEA and decided to just white out our entry way. The mirror was originally black but I decided to spray paint it white which I like more now. I found this heart shape dish at Marshall's for like $8 and it's the perfect size for our keys. The final touch was this "Why , hello.." print I've had for a few years it was a mailer Madewell sent out and I just love it so much that it has been in my entry way ever since.

table, clock, mirror // IKEA
heart dish // MARSHALL'S
print // MADEWELL

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