Best of 2015

29 December 2015

Winter's in Baltimore are/were one of my favorite time of year from the bitter cold weather to snow sledding at Federal Hill park. I worked a little over a mile from our loft and it didn't matter what the weather was I always looked forward to my walks to work- yes I was that crazy girl enjoying my walk in a foot of snow. Baltimore is beautiful in the fall and winter.

In March we took a trip to the west coast for my girlfriend's wedding in Santa Cruz. I was always skeptical of west coasters I mean how can you go through fall & winter without seeing colorful trees and snow? I'll tell you how palm trees and the Pacific. I fell in love with Santa Cruz the husband and I have already decided that we will retire there. Anywhere you can ride your bike without getting harassed is a great place in my book. After the wedding we spent a couple of days in San Francisco and of course we loved the food, the weather and the people.

Summer's are not usually my favorite time of year because of the heat however add in a rooftop pool and some good friends and you got yourself a partay. Of course the last year in Baltimore I meet the coolest chicks ever and we decided to take full advantage of the summer. Summer 2015 was definitely one for the books.

Once we left Baltimore our first stop was Nashville. I only wish we would've watched Master of None before so we could've really done Nashville right. We had brunch at Tusk which was yum, walked down Broadway listened to some country music, tried on some cowboy boots, and of course visited Jack White's Third Man Records shop. If you are in Nashville stop by Third Man Records beware though it's not in the best area and it's next to a homeless shelter. Otherwise it's a cool place to visit there's a booth inside where you can record your own record for less than $10. His shop is super cool and he's remastered a lot of old records and not to mention prices are so reasonable. I wish we could've spent a little more time there but we made the best of the day.

November 2015 we became west coasters even though it's taken some time to adjust I am looking forward to the next 3 years. I'm hoping to explore SoCal and all of California.

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  1. I love the way you compiled this post! I'm currently drafting my 2015 rewind post!


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