05 // My Life Lately

15 September 2015

Wanting : Everything Madewell fall here

Loving : I bought these lace-up flats a couple of weeks ago and they are getting a lot of use. I wasn't sure about the lace-up on the ankle but once I put them on I fell in love with them. I guess i've been converted into a lace-up girl.

Listening : Since we found out we are moving to California (post here) Beach Boys have been on repeat around the house here's my current fave song  - listen here .

Watching : We started watching Narcos last week and it's so good, are you watching it? It started off a little slow but by episode 3 we were hooked. It's based on Pablo Escobar's life as a drug lord that man was insane.

Obsessing : I've been obsessing over Emma Crowther 's Instagram (check it here ) she makes me want to be at the beach everyday .

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