06 // This weekend i ...

27 May 2015

What a great weekend it was I got in some pool time with my girlfriends , great dinner with friends and even checked out the Orioles beat Houston Astros on Monday. Besides the mini heat rash I have on my face it was a fantastic weekend which made coming to work a little easier. I was even able to take advantage of Madewell and Old Navy sales this weekend from the pool. I picked up some new swimsuits from Old Navy and A LOT of things I didn't need from Madewell. Cheers to a short week and great weather.


  1. Looks perfect. Great colorful shot.

  2. ooh! I want to know more about what you got during the great deals! I have been filtering out and deleting ALL my promotional emails In hopes of saving money by not shopping... instead I feel so out of the loop, like i got excommunicated from a best friend :( Better for my wallet and Me though!

    1. Hi Jordan, at Madewell I picked up a couple of their crop tees , belt , ring and another summer top. Old Navy just stocked up on a few swimsuits I have one I got a few years ago and it's my fave so i'm hoping to love the ones I just ordered, Yea i'm only stocking up on pieces I need , I have passed up on a few things that i loved but just didn't need. Lol.



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