03 // My life lately

14 April 2015

Wanting : Normally my "wants" are clothes, shoes or handbags but right now all I want is for the weather to be decent and allow me to go on a long bike ride to feel the sun on my face and wind through my helmet. (Safety first)

Planning : Since we just got back from San Francisco we got the travel bug and are anxiously planning our summer trip - somewhere tropical. Any suggestions ?

Loving : Spending time with my new friends. Making new friends at 37 is so hard especially for me and I recently started hanging out with some gals that go to the same gym ( Knockout Fitness ) as I do and it's been so fun getting to know new people and having a support system.

Listening : I am really loving the new Sufjan Stevens . It's a beautiful album very relaxing and easy going.

Watching : We just finished watching Bloodline on Netflix and it was awesome. I cannot wait till Season 2. It was the perfect dramatic thriller for Easter weekend. Bravo Netflix bravo !

Obsessing : I've been obsessing over cement pots I found some on my last Target trip and I can't wait to plant something in them. I also came across (this) DIY and looks like i'll be making a few more myself.


  1. I also have been obsessing with cemet pots lately. I want to make my own. :) Still working out the logistics for that.

  2. I love this roundup! and I have to say... making friends at 26 is pretty hard too... especially being new to a city with some serious cliques already in place! but gym buddies are the best, and hardest to find, so keep them!!

    Hope all is well! I need to plan a DC trip soon! Let's do coffee!
    x, Jordan Taylor, petiteMODERN


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