02 // What's in my weekend bag ?

11 March 2015

On weekends I don't like to lug around my large tote unless I need to so most weekends my bag is something small enough for the things I need and easy enough to be hands free. I received this cross body bag for Valentine's day from my wonderful husband and I love it. The color is perfect for any season and it's versatility is a plus. My cross body bag collection is beginning to take over my closet.

bag //  J.Crew

pouch // Madewell

sunglasses // Warby Parker

phone case // J.Crew

notepad // Moleskine

pen // Delfonics

lip balm // Anthropologie

lotion // NiveĆ”  (Target)

perfume // Lovely -SJP roll on travel size

lip color // Maybelliene - Coral Crush #515

eye shimmer // Elf Cosmetics


  1. Cute post! I too usually pack small cross-body bags for weekend adventures. Naturally, a moleskin remains in your bag always. :)

  2. Hi Jess! I should have invested in Molekine a long time ago lol - they're the only notebooks I find that don't wear easily and last me a whole year. You know pretty important stuff are in those hahah my doodles and random thoughts.


  3. your iPhone case is pure love! I also cary at least 2 lipsticks and a roller ball perfume too! What a great little peak into your bag! I have almost way TOO much in mine to fit in one photo if I tried! Hope you are having a great weekend!

    x, Jordan Taylor


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