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18 January 2015

Wanting || I grounded myself from shopping this month so to keep myself from going crazy I've unsubscribed myself from my favorite stores email list which has helped me focus more on what I actually need versus what I want. So my first purchase of 2015 will be new tennis shoes.

Planning || We are headed to San Francisco at the end of March I've been spending most of my down time researching what to see, where to eat and where to shop . Any suggestions ?

Loving || One of the changes I made this year was taking care of my skin,  instead of spending $200 on boots or clothes I probably don't need I am investing in skin care, my skin care, Would I rather be the well dressed gal with bad skin or the gal with great skin. I will be getting regular facials and invest in good products. This weekend I got a facial and was told that I have some hydration and pigment issues. She suggested I add this gel that will hopefully correct the issue so far so good I am loving the results so far. I'm giving it a few weeks if all is good I will make sure and share the results with you.

Listening || I have had Modest Mouse "Lampshades on Fire" on repeat. listen here

Watching || I started watching Togetherness on HBO a couple of weeks ago and I love it. I'm a huge Amanda Peet fan so it's awesome to finally see her back on my TV. I really hate liking brand new shows because every show I've liked ends up getting canceled. I'm pleading with you HBO please keep this one going.

Obsessing || I recently discovered Urban Outfitters blog and I love it. Who ever took over their blog is doing a phenomenal job. ( UO blog )


  1. You should look into Unroll.me. It is a great little email gadget that filters out only the email subscriptions you want to see in your inbox, and hides the rest. Sending you an email either in the morning or at night with ALL of your shopping emails in it. I use it and LOVE it. Because i only know about deals at 8pm, and by then im spent, and somewhat too tired to online shop. give it a try!

    Also, hooray for new sneakers and great skin, I am with you. Trying to amp up my water intake to keep everything hydrated during this miserable winter dryspell!

    Best of luck!

    1. Thank you I will look into that today. Such a wise woman Jordan.


  2. wow, i justed checked out the UO blog and it is awesome! In SF - i suggest to check out hayes valley, some great boutiques and little shops. more of a neighborhood feel. and also fillmore street. union square is very touristy.
    all the best

    1. Right Megan? UO blog is pretty awesome. Thanks for all the SF suggestions .



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