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28 October 2014

A couple of months ago we were invited to go backpacking / camping with a group of friends in November the same weekend of our anniversary of the day we met - win win. I was beyond excited because I have never been camping nor backpacking and it has been on my bucket list since I turned 30. My husband on the other hand was not as excited he did so much camping with his grandparents growing up that the thought of sleeping in a tent made him cringe. But because he's such a great guy he agreed to join me on this adventure. We figured lets celebrate 13 years of togetherness by going camping. Smart? Since we are not campers we basically had to start from square one luckily we had more than enough time to buy , borrow and rent camping essentials. With our camping trip coming up this weekend I thought it would be great to share what I expect to happen on this trip.

Growing up my parents were not outdoorsy people so I never had the opportunity nor the desire to go camping or do anything adventurous. It wasn't till I hit 33 that I became bored with myself and everything I liked just seemed forced so  I began to try new things whether it was trying a new dish, new music, painting, running, knitting, sewing, piano lessons etc. You name it anything I thought of I looked into and I started discovering a little more about myself with each hobby I took on and I slowly started to become a different me. Who knew that that person was inside of me so since then I've been wanting to do so many things , see so many places and just try to be more open to any opportunity. Everyone I told was like "camping, really?" yes really. I don't expect to be comfortable, I expect to freeze my butt off and I am really nervous about hiking 3 miles with a backpack weighing more than my body weight but I am so excited to wake up in the woods and experience the outdoors with my best friend. Now lets just hope the weather cooperates and it doesn't rain.

Have you ever been camping ? If so , what do I need to know about the woods?

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