01 // Insta Shout-out

04 September 2014

It starts with just one click on someones Instagram profile that opens the door to so much inspiration, beauty and well let's be honest "envy". Envious in the way that you say to yourself  "why couldn't i take that shot?"
There are some talented people out there in Instagram land and it's such a burst of fresh air when you stumble upon someone new who captures life in that perfect way you will try so hard to immolate but have zero luck doing so. I call it admiring whereas my husband calls it stalking either way thank you to the 1300 or so Instagram people I follow for inspiring me everyday. I love to spread the word so here's the start of a new series on here called Insta Shout-outs.

1. The Trotter Girl - Eva Tsang founder of  Trottermag  knows how to share the journey of each city she finds herself in.
2.  Lauren S. Wells - Boston gal who knows how to plan a party !
 3. Sarah Sherman Samuel - California gal who has the perfect eye for design, home renovation and a sharp dresser.
 4. This Wild Idea - Do you have a thing for dog photos?  Well you will definitely love this feed Theron Humphrey shares his love for his Coonhound Maddie with wonderful stills. 

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