Summer bucket list

29 June 2014

Summer is here and I am full of ideas of what I would like to do before Labor day. How many of these will actually get crossed off , well that's another story. I figure if I write them down and post them for the world to see then I have to hold myself to them.

1. Movie at the park : We are minutes from Federal Hill Park so I plan on cuddling under the stars with my guy and watching a good flick.  

2. Farmers Market : I'd like to make Saturday morning at the market a new tradition this summer since we can bike just about anywhere in the city I'd like to take full advantage of my Saturday morning.

3. Learn Calligraphy : I know this is quite the popular hobby right now I am jumping on the band wagon and going to try to learn calligraphy. Hopefully I will perfect it by Christmas for my holiday cards.

4. Go camping : I had been mentioning this to my hubby for quite some time and while eating dinner with a couple of friends we were invited to go camping in Sept. in Delaware and we happily excepted. 

5. Picnic-ing : I'd like to add picnic's to my list of new traditions, I hope to have a picnic in DC and Central Park in NYC.

6. Me & Nature : Since I've never really been the outdoorsy kind I'd like to change that about myself and start hiking and camping. Of course I will start to load up on OFF bug spray since i hate bugs.

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