Love Mix

14 February 2014

 1.  Paul McCartney // Silly Love Song
 2.  Queen // You're My Best Friend
 3.  The Beatles //  All You Need Is Love
 4.  The Beach Boys // God Only Knows
 5.  Otis Redding // Try A Little Tenderness
 6.  Janis Joplin  // Piece of My Heart
 7.  The Beatles // She Loves You
 8.  Elvis Presley // Love Me Tender
 9.  The Stylistics //  You Are Everything
10.  Veruca Salt // Somebody

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No one can sing about love like The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Otis Redding and Janis. When it came to looking for songs to make this love mix the only way I could go was old school. There's a reason why these songs are still relevant - because they are original and believable. I find it so hard to hear someone like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift sing about heart break or love, it just isn't believable. Whereas Janis and Otis' heart break is so genuine. With that being said I leave you with some of my all time favorite love songs. Wishing you a wonderful Valentines day.

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