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06 January 2014

Be in the moment : I sometimes don’t stop and appreciate the surprise bear hug or secret kiss I get from my husband, let me be honest after  being married for over 10 years I sometimes don't notice them, that's stops today. I will stop what I'm doing and embrace it.

Take advantage of my city: We moved to the city in the fall and we haven’t fully taken advantage of all Baltimore has to offer. We are only here for a short time and I want to take in all this city has to offer and capture it with pictures.

Travel to a new place: Traveling is always on my list of resolutions and last year we were pretty good with this one. It’s so hard when you live away from family because you want to be with them during special times. So this year our vacations will be filled with new experiences and less of hometown visits, my apologies to my family and loved ones. 

Blog world : The past couple of months I’ve been going back and forth with the future of this blog. Lately I’ve felt discouraged, not creative, and really just not into it. So instead of completely signing off I’ve taken those small creative moments and blogged here and there. I enjoy blogging, I do. I enjoy sharing my life, my style and my take on life that is what's kept me from throwing in the towel. When I started blogging I never saw myself as the next Emily Schuman, I thought I had something to share with the world and maybe I could inspire a few people here and there. As life becomes more hectic and priorities shift this blog will continue and I’m hopeful that with some revamping and weather change outfits will be posted and life will be shared. Thank you to those who have visited my small space in the internet world and continue to show their love and support.

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