We are moving !

16 September 2013

The day is finally here. This journey started 3 months ago when we decided to make the move and tackle "city living." We gave our notice on our current place in hopes that we would find the perfect place to call home in 3 mo. We've always lived in quiet residential neighborhoods and since moving to the Maryland area we have fallen in love with the Baltimore. Baltimore gets such a bad rap and after working downtown for 4 months and spending most weekends down there we have grown to love it. So 3 months ago our search began from row homes to apartments we looked at so many places, some great some not so great. We didn't know exactly what we were looking we just knew that once we found it we would know. So two months ago while I was obviously not busy at work I stumbled upon this loft in the exact location we were looking at, so I called my husband and he made an appointment for us to stop by after work. We were excited about this place however still had our doubts. We arrived and location was perfect a block away from the market, walking distance to my job and train station, and in the center of everything. Because of the previous places we had seen we had our doubts, so we walked up to the door and said to ourselves "lets not get our hopes up." (When my husband spoke with the owner he had mentioned that it was the first day it's been on the market to rent and that he had already made 6 appointments for that day.)
We walked in and our jaws dropped! This was exactly what we were looking for we tried to maintain our composure as we were showed around this ginormous loft apartment that at some point was a bowling alley. It was amazing from the exposed duct to the large kitchen and the closet that looked just like Carrie Bradshaw's on Sex in the City. After our visit we told the owner we would "think about it."  Why not just take it , well we are not compulsive people. On our drive home we didn't say a word , I suppose we both were still in shock. I finally said " Lets take it!" My husband looked over at me and says " I was wondering why you were so quiet." Needless to say we called the owner back and took the apartment.
We got our keys today and next week we will be calling this place home. I am excited to see what city life is like and I cannot wait to put my Christmas tree in that corner of windows.

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  1. Congratulations girl! I am so excited for you guys and your new adventure! That home looks gorgeous!



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