The Take Away Shows

18 September 2013

1. Beirut - Nantes 2. The Shins - Gone for Good 3. Grizzly Bear - The Knife

There are many things I love in this world and hearing my favorite bands play live is on the top of my list and La Blogotheque has brought this to a whole new level. La Blogotheque by Mathieu Saura an independent filmmaker from Paris France started a series called The Take Away Shows which is a series of improvised outdoor concerts in the streets of Paris. Genius! He's filmed Beirut roam the streets of Paris while singing Nantes, The Shins playing Gone for Good at a park in Paris and my favorite Grizzly Bear singing The Knife while walking around in Paris. I watch these and wonder how lucky these street goers were to have a show happen right in front of their eyes. I would DIE. The Take Away Shows series is simply perfection and here are my faves.

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