Sunday stroll...

10 July 2013

This look > pants : Forever 21 / top: Forever 21 (similar) / shoes : J.Crew Factory (similar) /
 hat : H&M / bag : F21 / sunnies : Target
So crop tops are in and this is as crop as I am willing to go. I found this top a couple of weeks ago and still was debating if I was going to keep it or return it  I wasn't certain about the fit. I fell in love with the color, gold flare and the draping on this top. Well come to find out these gold buttons are suppose to be in the back - after 3 tries I finally saw the large black tag on the neck. (insert hands in face) I don't like this top the correct way so from this point on it's a part of my wardrobe and the gold buttons are facing forward , nuff ' said. It's the perfect summer top especially for a trip to the market for some fresh bread and flowers, my two weaknesses. I paired it with these drawstring pants I picked up a few weeks back along with my new favorite summer sandals all together make the perfect Sunday outfit.


  1. Ugh, the crop top trend is so annoying to me. So many cute tops, but I am absolutely unwilling to show my tummy, so I feel like I'm losing out. Haha. This one is totally appropriate and cute, though.. even if it is backward ;)


  2. Ha yes, that's about as crop as I'd dare go too! Great colour on you and I love the gold buttons and the fact you're wearing it backwards! Very jealous of this fab weather you're having - Melbourne has been wet, cold and miserable all weekend!!


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