A little piece of yellow

09 July 2013

This look > skirt : J.Crew Factory / top : Old Navy(old) / shoes/clutch : Zara / sunnies : Target / bracelets : Madewell
 Twenty something Myrna is cringing as she sees this outfit and thirty something Myrna is enjoying the freedom of this skirt. You're probably thinking , it's just a skirt right? Well for this very shy girl who back in the day use to want nothing more than to blend in it's a huge step. About 6 years ago or so I finally became comfortable with my body. I realized that I will never be as skinny as my younger sister, I will never have legs like Heidi Klum , I will never have Jennifer Aniston's arms , I will never and I mean never be the size I was at 18. I can run a marathon everyday , count my calories and give up my love of sweets and I will never be that girl. Coming to this realization was what I imagine being released from jail would be. Women including myself are the most critical when it comes to their body, why is that? We are always so hard on it when it does so much, for crying out loud we are built to carry a little human in some cases two for 9 months. I see Beyoncé , J.Lo  embrace their curviness , why not me. I just recently began to wear skirts above the knee, shocking I know. What was I waiting for? Beats me. Let's just say that my mini skirt collection is growing by the paycheck. You know I'm a sucker for some color well let's just say that when I saw this neon yellow skirt at J.Crew , I lost my "bleep." This mini paired with my latest Zara find- these t-strap silver heels I was ready to paint the town yellow. 

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  1. love the bold and bright skirt in this outfit!



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