I feel sexiest in a t-shirt ...

25 June 2013

This look : t-shirt - H&M (similar) / skirt - J.Crew ((other colors) / shoes/bag : Zara (shoes) / sunnies : Target (similar)

Something happen on our way to dinner Friday night... that feeling Jim Carrey's character Joel has while he laid on a sheet of frozen ice with his love interest Clementine played by Kate Winslet
 (fun fact : one of my all time favorite movies) on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind , it's the moment everything in his life is in place and he says " I could die right now , I'm just that happy." That's the moment I had right after these photos were taken... the sun was going to bed ,we had the windows rolled down , sunnies on , blaring Paul Simon "Graceland" and I had this exact feeling. I was feeling content with my life- sure I haven't done all that I desire however if I did happen to die at that moment I would have died a happy girl. Do you ever have those moments ? Where you are just that happy.
On to the outfit... I cannot express how much I love me a good t-shirt. A t-shirt can transform any outfit from casual to a night out. Don't get me wrong I love wearing dresses however something about a mini skirt and t-shirt screams sexy to me. Sexy because you are just that comfortable with your body that you don't need an extravagant garment to make you feel sexy. That's the power of a good t-shirt.

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