Concert Etiquette 101

26 June 2013

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I've been to enough shows that I have enough credibility to write this. I've been going to shows since I was 5. Yup 5, since my Dad is a musician my brother and I were those 2 kids at the bar watching their Dad perform. So I guess you can say I was born with love/ appreciation  for music and I was taught at an early age the do's and don'ts . Believe me I've been guilty for doing one or two of these in my days and yes I should've known better. If you're guilty of any of these then shame on you and me , let's call it a clean slate from here on out. If you have any do's or don'ts please share them, I feel if you put it all out there then it should help you avoid them at all cost.
Early Bird – IF YOU WANT TO BE UPFRONT GET THERE EARLY ! If you don’t arrive early to secure a spot DO NOT expect to move upfront when the show starts. Keep in mind that people in front got there extra early to secure their spot front row & center. DON’T push your way up when the show starts.

MY BUBBLE – I understand it’s a concert and a lot of people will be there however if your elbow is touching my back YOU ARE TOO CLOSE –BACK UP!

HAIR PROBLEMS – Girls with long hair if you’re going to fuss with your hair move forward some so I won’t have your hair on my face or my beer.

HYGENE – I shouldn’t have to but here it goes : don’t forget deodorant before a show. If you know it’s going to be outdoors and hot roll it on a couple of times.

DO NOT PASS GAS – no explanation needed.

CHATTY KATHIES – Everyone paid money to come see and hear the show NOT to hear you talking to your friend. Wait till after the show or WHISPER it to your friend.

DANCING MACHINES – love your energy however dance in your space cause if you knock my beer over YOU’RE BUYING ME A NEW ONE.

NO CROWD SURFING – You ‘re too heavy and I don’t want to carry you.

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