The happiest day of 2013 , so far .

26 March 2013

Today I jumped out of bed , ate breakfast , threw on some clothes and drove (the speed limit) to Best Buy and picked up the new The Strokes CD Comedown Machine. Who still buys actual CD's ? This gal. Who will have this on their phone, CD and vinyl ? This gal.  For those of you who don't already know I turn into a 15 year old kid when it comes to my FAVE band The Strokes. And today was no different if I had this much excitement with everything else who knows what all I would get done. I've listened to it about 5 times today and I already have a favorite song ,which one ? One Way Trigger. [listen here]  My thoughts on this new album ? Well there are definitely some that I have had on repeat and there are some that I have skipped through. A part of me feels that this album was made in a rush just to put out a cd and maybe the boys will go there separate ways after this. I hope I'm wrong and we will hear more from The Strokes in the near future. Till then I will be waiting anxiously for the next record and to see them for the 5th time.

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