Casual in red

14 January 2013

// sweater, under shirt & socks : J.Crew / bottoms: Gap / hat : F21 /handbag : Coach / glasses : Warby Parker (Huxley) //
Yep I'm wearing all sorts of red aren't I. What can I say "red is my signature color.." (a little Steel Magnolias reference) So we went to IKEA today and just like my visits to Target what starts off as a small trip ends with a "go big or go home"trip. Of course this calls for warm cozy knits along with some comfy shoes. I know this look isn't high fashion but it sure is comfy. Incase you haven't noticed these have to be the most comfortable walking shoes I've ever owned. No, I am not sponsered by New Balance. I just really love these shoes, red , this scarf, and broken in khaki's.
 One of my resolutions is being real with my readers. That means documenting ALL my looks, even the not so glamorous looks. I don't live a glamorous life, I don't buy high end clothing, I shop sales and thrift stores, I'm a four eyed gal who is self consious about her weight, a wife and a lover of music, clothes, hats, and handbags.

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