Straight fit

28 November 2012

top : Crew Cuts {boys} // jeans : J.Crew // blazer/shoes/necklace : F21 // clutch : Coach // glasses : Warby Parker

So my boy ♥ and I went out for dinner last night and this was what I wore not including my coat. Since I'm a shortie {5"2} it's hard for me to find a button up that sits just right at my hips. So about a year ago I found this button up at J.Crew in the boys department and it fit! Since I have a little more {insert wink ,wink} than a young boy I went with a size 14 boys. This shirt just fits perfect from the length to the fit. I've now purchased many boys tops and I will not stop. just sayn'.
Now lets talk about these jeans... you guys must think "wow , this gal only shops at one place ?" Well  if it ain't broke don't fix it. We won't go into all that now. So back to these jeans they are just great minus the tightness in the bootay everything else fits great. I hate jeans that fit one way when you first have them on and then give it a couple of hours and wowza they are 2 sizes too big. Not the case with these they are an "as is " item. Matchstick jeans are no joke.


  1. big fan of this outfit! Love the structure and the girl pop:)


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