Hat lady

13 November 2012

I finally found my winter hat last week. I went looking for a new pair of jeans and I stumbled upon this hat in the clearance bin at Forever 21 for a great price {$5.99}. I was so excited about this hat that my 5 year old self came out of me and I wore it out of the store. I am a hat enthusiast! I don't know when it happen , it just did. Kind of like all the all the red nail polishes I have - don't know when or how they just happen.

jacket/hat/ring : Forever 21
tee/pants/clutch : J.Crew
shoes: Steve Madden {HERE}
watch - Urban Outfitters

1 comment:

  1. You are a very cute hat lady, and I wish I had magical shopping powers like you. If I found that hat it would be $500.00.



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