How - To : dry painted nails quickly

04 October 2012

You will need : nail polish and a bowl of cold water

After nails are painted put your polished nails in a bowl of cold water for 3 min.

The other night before bed I was doing my usual -surfing Pinterest . I stumbled upon this DIY and had to try it. I am notorious for painting my nails waiting what seems like forever for them to dry and no matter how long I wait I ALWAYS end up having to repaint one nail if not one hand. So , I tried it and ladies it worked ! Thank you random DIY and Pinterest.


  1. Does it really?! I saw this on Pinterest too and haven't tried it yet since I just use a fast drying top coat...but this is very good to know!! =)
    Does it hurt though? 3 min in cold water doesn't sound so fun! hah...but I live in a consistently cold area (SF) and I'm always cold. =)


  2. I thought I was the only one who thought cold water helped harden my nail polish. I always seem to mess my nails up before they're completely dry and I somehow figured out that running them under cold water for a couple of minutes helped harden the paint. :)


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