Festival 101

10 October 2012

festival gear

Austin City Limits Music Festival   is only days away and this year I will be watching from the comfort of my own home , thanks to YouTube. I've been to my share of festivals and one thing that is certain is always prepare for the unexpected. I remember attending my first festival back in 1997 and I went dressed to impress. {No judgements please} I arrived DTI and left in some serious pain. My feet cramp up just thinking about those flip flops I wore. Throughout the years I've learned a lesson or two and I can consider myself "kind of " a pro when it comes to these kinds of things.
My handbag essentials are: sunscreen, hand santitizer, wipes, toilet paper, hair ties, head wrap, Tums, Motrin, blanket, rain coat, floss, gum, and most imporantly cash.

When preparing for ACL expect extreme heat during the day and a nice breeze at dusk. You may think I'm insane or some crazy bag lady however I've had many bad experiances and my moto is "better safe than sorry."

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