The weekend that was...

13 August 2012

Our local grocery store Winn Dixie has a huge selection of beer and they allow you to make your own 6 pack.

Thrifted this great polka dot button up for only $1.95 - LOVE

Since our weeks here in the South are dwendling down we are taking in all the great food and fun sights. Saturday I woke up with an idea either I dreamed it or it just came to me at 8:30 am I can't remember which one however needless to say I am excited about it. What's the idea? Since my husband is in the military and we obviously have moved around some and will continue to move around for the next 11 years. I've decided to drive around my current city and take pictures of everything that I see everyday. My hope is to combine all these photos into a book .{not published obviously} A book that we can look back at and remember the city we lived in from 2007-2012. My camera will get over used i'm sure but we'll finally see what this Canon DSLR is made of .
How was your weekend?


  1. So glad you're using your dslr :) And that thrifted shirt is so cute.

  2. That's a great idea! You should make a shutterfly (or whichever) book of each town you live in. How neat to look back on and show the kids someday.


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