spouse with benefits...

03 June 2012

top : Forever 21 | shorts: Tobi | shoes: Tinley Road | clutch : Zara | necklace : JCrew | sunnies : Target

Finally i have a photographer aka my hubby. don't get me wrong tripod you were a life saver however having someone snap pics is much easier and faster. this outfit transitioned perfect from an afternoon of errands to dinner and drinks with my hubby. all i did was bring an extra pair of shoes for dinner and this outfit went from noon to evening in seconds.


  1. oh, that's really great! And your husband did a wonderful job with the photos:) Your hair is very pretty, what type of products do you use on it?
    XO Tami

  2. Thanks Tami, yes he's doing great ! My hair well it's a virgin I've never colored it! All I use is Garnier's leave in conditioner and a little bit of hairspray on my bangs and either straighten or curl and done! For shampoo/ conditioner I use Treseme . Hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by , have a great week.


  3. Yay! The pics look great, your hubby is a natural.

  4. Love those shorts!

    xo Jennifer


  5. Perfect outfit for day to night! Definitely a go-to for summer.



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