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14 June 2012

all images via my Pinterest board

The summer is here and all i want to wear is pattern, cool fabrics and loose fit clothes.   since Pinterest has entered my world i find myself constantly wanting to either 1. go shopping 2. redecorate my house. we finally bought bedroom furniture so i am in the process of redecorating my bedroom. after seeing this week's glitter girl : Kate Arends on Glitter Guide - i fell in love with her apartment and her personal style. if you haven't already you must check out her blog Wit + Delight.

what's currently inspiring you? do you have Pinterest ? if not, leave your email address in a comment and i will gladly :) send you an invite.


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  2. ahh... pinterest... i'm so addicted to that site it's just sad... everytime i look at pinterest, i wanna go shopping or redecorate the house too.. :P

  3. I finally just got an invite a few weeks ago! I don't really use it much but that's just because I get intimidated by new things. I'll get around to using it more eventually. Love the inspiration, especially the small brass deer :D So pretty!

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