Head wrap this

03 May 2012

pants/top/wrap/shoes/scarf : JCrew | belt/cuff : F21 | clutch : Coach | glasses : Warby Parker (huxley)

Since the summer is here I figured digging out my linen pants were a must. I have a love / hate relationship with linen although i love the look and feel of a good crisp linen pant however - once i put these pants on the .02 seconds it takes me to grab my shoes INSTANT wrinkle happens. Ugh! Why ? I don't understand how doing the norm : walking , sitting and standing my pants look like i just rolled out of bed. Is there a secret to keeping linen wrinkle free that i don't know? If so please feel free to leave me that secret so that I can wear linen without embarrassment.


  1. Love this look. I also hate the way linen pants get all wrinkled (and pencil skirts for that matter). The tragedies of being a girl.

  2. Sometimes starching linen can help but you have to be patient enough to use it while ironing. I think the whole look is great but especially the balance through your top belt and pants. Everything is hitting you in the most flattering spot.


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