Work Stripes

06 March 2012

jeans/sweater also worn (here) /shoes : JCrew | purse : Zara | necklace : Forever 21 |
 glasses : Warby Parker | lipstick : Maybelline - coral crush

My March Madness has begun and that consits of working 6 days at my 9-5 and blogging on Sunday's  basically working 7 days a week. This sweater represents my work jail I will be in for this whole month.
 My job never has mandatory anything and this month they decide to give me a project that requires lots of OT (overtime) and working on my birthday, however these guys failed to realize I had requested time off for Texas Style Council this weekend, so I had a decision to make and I choose to go with the ones that give me the $funds$ to blog. I suppose there is some reason I wasn't suppose to go. I will be drowning my sorrows this weekend and working hard to distract myself from all the fun my blog friends will be having. There's always next year :( right, atleast that's what I keep telling myself.


  1. Love the stripes - second photo is my favorite, you look so pretty :) xox

  2. Love your accessories! I've been working OT and I definitely know how you feel. Good Luck!

  3. Sorry to hear this :( You can also think of it as more $$ for more shopping lol. Good luck with all the work hun.

  4. I love the colour of your lipstick!

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