13 March 2012

Untitled #11

Do you dare wear this much color??? For those of you who know me know that I am not afraid of color , pattern or trying something new . I know trying or wearing something out of the norm is scary , however it's those risks that set you apart from the others. Co-workers and friends are always saying to me "how do you pull off so much color??" My response is always " Easy! Don't be scared " yup it's that simple. Don't fear change just get down and dirty when it comes to your look , don't allow your insecurities to get the best of you. As I watch the everyday girl walk by me and stare at my leopard loafers , bright yellow shirt , bright red lip or my polka dot pants I feel empowered that I AM that girl that takes risks and is not afraid. So throw on some color, pattern or even a headwrap hold your head up high and embrace the stares.


  1. Love those shoes! And obviously, the j.crew tote is stunning!

  2. agreed! Love every items you displayed!! Wish you could have made it to TxSC, would have loved to meet you. Next time!!


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