15 March 2012

Sweater / Clutch : JCrew (similar top) | Shorts/Scarf : Forever 21 | Shoes : BCBG (similar) | Glasses : Warby Parker

The lovely Katie from Running on Happiness posted her ABC's a couple of weeks ago and today is a good day to share my ABC's.

Age : 33
Bedsize : Cal King)
Cats : 2 {Chloe & Chase}
Dogs : after the passing of my first love our dog Lucy - still not ready for another one
Essential to start your day : snuggles with my babies
Favorite Color : Red
Gold or Silver : gold
Height : 5 feet 2 inces
Instruments you play : none :(
Job title : Specialized Lender
Kids : none for me thanks
Live : Gulfport, MS
Mother's Name : Lory
Nicknames : Myrn, Butthead (long story), Moyna (from my Dad)
Overnight hospital stays : None , yet
Pet peeves : laziness, posers, LIARS
Quote from a movie or TV show : "Rossssss-can"- Friends
Righty or Lefty : Right
Siblings : older brother (bff), baby brother & sister
Time you wake up : 6:30 am
Underware : every day
Vegtable you hate : Asparagus
What makes you run late : getting ready
X-rays you've had : shoulders
Yummy food you make : cheese enchiladas
Zoo animal : Penguin

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