Sappy Sissy

30 March 2012

Today is an important day , to me. I have been blessed with a wonderful older brother. Growing up with him was and continues to be so fun. Being 3 years apart was perfect he always guided me in the right direction. We weren't your normal brother and sister we were and continue to be a team! We rarely fought and always always played together whether it was barbies , school or me singing and he drumming it up on some trash cans. Who needed friends when we had each other.
Now we are spouses , parents and in our 30's and we still hold that special bond. We speak on a daily basis , sometimes I wonder how much work actually gets done, we share the same loves of music and The Strokes. He continues to inspire , support and encourage me. I am so proud to see him take the role of father and husband. Every year on this day I thank the lord for bringing him into my life.
Richard I wish you a Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for being YOU.

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