Beat the Heat

17 January 2012

Top/Shorts/Ring : Forever 21 | Bracelet : JCrew | Watch : Michael Kors
 Booties : Vince Camuto (old) | Glasses : Warby Parker (Miles)

Happy hump day ! This weather has been so off and on one minute it's freezing out and the next minute it's 75 degrees out. I don't mind the heat because it gives the A-ok to whip out my most favorite comfy shorts. I found these in the clearance bin at Forever 21 and was shocked at the price > $5.99. I've had fun dressing them up {here} and toning them down.


  1. I really like the red lipstick! It looks great on you and the glasses are fun, too! Check out my blog giveaway - I made 2 purse clutches and you can choose which size you like. ;-)

  2. cute skirt!


  3. Loving this top! I keep trying to find a chambray at F21 but never succeed :(

  4. Thank you ladies!
    Crystalin- hope you find a chambray top , I scored this one for $14 ! Love me a bargain!


  5. Aw this is so cute! What a score on those shorts! They are perfect for warm weather I bet. Our weather has been waaay confusing, too. I never know wha to wear. Lately it's been freezing though...your boots are fabulous as well. There's just the right aunt of dressy ness to this outfit,


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