Sass patrol

11 December 2011

Jacket/Shorts : Forever 21 | Top : Thrifted | Shoes: Steve Madden |Tights: JCrew | Necklace/Clutch : Banana Republic

I'm back... hello readers and bloggers I am back with a new camera and updated smile. I have been wanting and needing a new camera for some time and since blogging is my current obsession it was a must. A couple of weeks ago I purchased some new tires at Sam's and as I was waiting I glanced at their black Friday sales and TADA they had the camera I have been eyeing for a great price. So i told Santa aka my husband and TADA a week later this bad boy arrived  Canon SLR  . This camera is NO JOKE - so after much aggrevation I finally was able to work the timer and the pictures flowed like no other. Happy Monday - come back again tomorrow to see what this sassy broad is wearing -HA. I'm a bit sassy now that I can work the camera. 


  1. LOVE!!! And can he TADA me the new shoes and purse I've been wanting?! ;) jk I kid...well maybe! But seriously jealous...I wish I had the guts to wear shorts and tights, I love the look - but chicken out when my Hubs stares in disbelif that I want to leave the house in something like that!

  2. SUPER CUTE :) yes and very sassy! :)

    Xo Samantha

  3. I LOVE your tights and red lipstick! The whole outfit is fabulous!


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