Walking contagious

01 November 2011

I apologize for the lame and lack there of posts this week, I have been fighting what I thought was a cold since Saturday. Today the doc confirmed this is not a cold , but a upper respiratory infection since I waited a while to see him it is pretty bad . So my outfits have been pretty lame check out my visit to the doctor outfit today : black sweats, comfy Black Keys concert tee, chucks aka converse and my unabomber jacket. With all the meds I was given today I should be up and running by Friday , lets hope. Hope your having a fab week so far. Tomorrow my hubby and I celebrate "10 years meeting" so come back tomorrow where my post will be very sappy♥

Hot tea at 7:55 am today after throwing in the towel and calling in sick and finally making a doctors appt.
(fyi I hate Dr. visits)

UGH meds....

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  1. hope you feel better! and 10 years in meeting! how fun! my husband and i are almost to that. :)



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