02 November 2011

It was Nov.2, 2001 I was meeting my brother and his friends at this bar on St. Mary's St called The Mix. As I arrived I spotted my brother and a group of his friends off to the left by the DJ. As I was introduced to everyone I grabbed a drink and mingled. I was then introduced to this guy wearing jeans, flip flops and a blue Radiohead shirt. As he sat to my left we began to talk about everything and anything I remember instantly feeling so comfortable around him. As the night went on I remember a pizza guy walking in the bar selling pizza's and I said " oh man i'm starving " and this sweet gentleman waves the pizza guy down and buys me a pizza AT A BAR. As I stuffed my face in a lady like fashion our conversation continued. We laughed and laughed and for this one night all the stars aligned and  in this grungy bar I was sitting next to the man who would become my husband and that cold November night I had the conversation of my life. 

est. Nov. 2, 2001
This picture was taken on our first Thanksgiving in 2001.
Happy 10 years to the funniest, sweetest, patient and most understanding person I have ever met.

Bright Eyes- First Day of My Life

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  1. aw that is a sweet story! congrats to you both! cute blog btw, love your instagrams! :)

    B xx



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