Chic Chick : Binki Shapiro

06 November 2011

 Photos courtesy of : Refinery 29 : Musical Muse Binki Shapiro

Welcome Chic Chick Monday's ! Every Monday I will be featuring a stylish musician chick. Someone who inspires me in two ways : music and fashion. To kick things off we have the beautiful Binki Shapiro. Who is Binki ? Binki is member of Little Joy along with Fabrizio Moretti and Rodrigo Amarante. They released there self titled album Nov. 2008 , the album has a sweet easy listening feel to it. Binki has the softest voice ,when I first heard  Unattainable  I was in love.
Now on to her style not only does this chick have a beautiful voice she has some style. Her style on and off stage is the same  bohemian casual wear. Binki can rock a t-shirt and jeans like no other not to mention we both share the same love : booties. 
Bucketlist : shop with Binki Shapiro

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