Atlanta road trip

26 September 2011

This weekend my gal pal Katie and I went on a mini vaca to Atlanta. The 6 hour drive that I was dreading on Thursday turned into the fastest six hours of my life. Katie was such a trooper and drove the whole way. Thanks McSwayne! We were quite chattie on this trip we spoke about family, friends, my blog ♥, politics, relationships and danced our way to Atlanta. We stayed at The W Hotel and let me tell you that this was a classy joint. (5 stars) Saturday we attended Midtown Music Festival we saw Black Keys (yay) , Manchester Orchestra and Coldplay. We had such a blast. Our only hiccup was we didn't realize how cold it would get once the sun went down. But all in all this was a great weekend, I will be sharing some more pics tomorrow. Happy Monday loves.

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