Tuesday Tunes

22 August 2011

This week I will be featuring Brooklyn-based folk rock band Grizzly Bear.  In 2009 they released one of my most favorite records named Veckatimest. The album consits of traditional and electronic instruments along with beautiful vocal harmonies that make me feel like riding my bike down the beach enjoying the breeze with my hubby. My brother Richard introduced me to them a couple of years ago and as I began to listen to this album starting with song 1: Southern Point I was instantly hooked. I found myself humming the chorus to one of my many fave songs from them Ready,Able  (which still continues to hold the spot at #3 on my iPod of Top 25 Most  Played.)Their music has been featured in commercials and movies , so i'm sure you have heard their wonderful melodies. If your looking for something to ease your mind Grizzly Bear holds the key.

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